Visit from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Linux Industry Association

On Feb 13, 2004, members of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and the Hong Kong Linux Industry Association visited the high-performance computing (HPC) facilities at HKU. Our Computer Centre showcased the newly-built HPCPOWER cluster system (ranked #240 in the TOP500 list in Nov 2003), while the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) demonstrated the management and monitoring toolkits for the Hong Kong Grid and the Gideon cluster system (ranked #340 in the TOP500 list in Jun 2003). In addition, our technical staff, David, presented the SLIM package, a network booting facility which is ideal for managing Linux workstations in large-scale heterogeneous environments.

The demonstrations were followed by a meeting with Dr. N. Ng and Dr. P.T. Ho of the Computer Centre regarding the latest development of HPC in HKU. It was concluded that the existing HPC infrastructures built in HKU could potentially be a good support for R&D in the industry. The attendees thus looked forward to future collaborations which aim at combining the strengths of both.

Dr. C.L. Wang presented CSIS's Grid and systems research projects

Demonstration of CSIP, a cluster management package built by Tsinghua University

The monitoring system for the HKGrid and Gideon cluster

David presented the SLIM package

Mr. Kwan and Mr. Woo of the Computer Centre outlined the HPC solutions adopted by HKU over the years

Mr. Kwan demonstrated the new HPCPOWER system