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Oct 19, 2005 We are pleased to announce that the HKU CS Grid Point (as part of the China National Grid) has successfully completed the 2nd Grid Plugtest in Grids@Work 2005, which was jointly organized by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and INRIA, France on October 11-12, 2005. The Plugtest managed to set up a Grid of about 2500 processors all over the world, translated into an aggregate computing power of 300Gflops. The open-source ProActive Middleware was used as the "gluing agent" for these scattered resources. The China National Grid is proud to be the second largest resource provider for this event. The Plugtest has proven to be a very valuable experience. It not only demonstrated the feasibility of deploying a globally distributed, yet powerful, Grid in a rather "ad-hoc" manner; the difficulties encountered during the process have also enriched the participants' knowledge and understanding of the Grid. For details about the Plugtest, please click here.
Apr 19, 2005 The research team led by Prof. David Abramson at Monash University, Australia, is going to extend their grid test bed for the GriddLes project, a research effort that aims to simplify grid application development by making good use of legacy software components. HKU CS is glad to contribute to the project by sharing the Gideon cluster as a regional grid node.
Apr 19, 2005 Dr. Francis Lau delivered a keynote speech ("Grid Infrastructure and Key Technologies") in Grid World China 2005 which was held on April 6-7 in Beijing, China. The forum was organized by International Data Group (IDG) and attracted hundreds of attendees coming from the academia and some major technology providers in the field. For more information, please refer to the conference Web site (in Chinese).
Feb. 28, 2005 There are two ongoing grid projects in the Department of Computing in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They are "Integrating P2P networking layer into the Grid" and "Data Grid Application". These projects are leaded by Dr. Jiannong Cao.
Dec 13, 2004 Mr. Wang Tianqi presented Gamelet paper in ISPA-2004. (pdf)
Dec 11, 2004 A workshop on "How to Build a Linux Cluster", jointly organized by HKU's Department of Computer Science, Linux Pilot and the Hong Kong Linux User Group, was held on December 11, 2004. The two workshop sessions were attended by over 50 participants from the IT industry. The workshops provided the participants with hands-on experience to build a PC cluster running the Fedora Linux distribution, and demonstrated the high availability of a MySQL cluster.
To obtain the presentation files, please visit the following link:

Dec 9, 2004 Dr. C.L. Wang presented "Grid Computing Research in Hong Kong" in Chung Hua University (中華大學), Taiwan. (PPT)
Dec 8, 2004 Dr. Cho-Li Wang presented "Grid Computing Research in Hong Kong" in The First Workshop on Grid Technologies and Applications (WoGTA'04), National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan. (PPT)
Nov 2004 Drug Discovery Grid (DDGrid) was successfully ported on Gideon cluster by W.J. Zhang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Oct 20-22, 2004 The 3rd International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing(GCC2004) in Wuhan. Two papers (G-PASS by Tianchi Ma and InstantGrid by Roy S.C. Ho) were presented on the conference. Photos...
Oct 17-18, 2004 Linux Cluster Workshop for HK secondary school teachers and students (Sponsors: Sun Microsystems, ThizLinux, and Hong Kong Linux Industry Association (HKLIA))
Sep 27, 2004 The Roundtable on New Frontiers in Informatics (NFI) was hold in the Department of Computer Science of Hong Kong Baptist University. The Roundtable on New Frontiers in Informatics is a gathering of minds to share their experiences and visions on emerging intelligent information technologies. Each time it features a group of invited speakers, who are the pioneers or active researchers in their respective fields. The NFI Roundtable is held in the Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University. All interested academics, post-graduate or undergraduate students, and practitioners are cordially invited to join and benefit from this free, public forum. Recent topics include, but not limited to: Autonomy Oriented Computing; Brain Science; Data Mining; Granular Computing; Information Retrieval; Knowledge Grids and Grid Intelligence; Multi-Agent Systems; Service Computing; Web Intelligence.
Sep 20, 2004 The Department of Computer Science of Hong Kong Baptist University co-organized the Second International Workshop on Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence with Chinese Academy of Science. This conference was hold in Beijing of China.
May 28 Dr. Francis Lau was invited to participate in the panel session "Current State and Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems in Asia" at the The 10th International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS 2004) in Suzhou, China.
May 21 Dr. Francis Lau was invited to give a talk on Grid computing in HK at The 4th Annual Forum on City Informatization In the Asia-Pacific Region (CIAPR IV) in Shanghai, China.
May 13 Prof. Minglu Li from Shanghai Jiao Tong University gave a talk on the Shanghai Grid during a visit to HKU.
May 7 Dr. Cho-Li Wang presented Grid Computing in Hong Kong at ETI's Grid Workshop
Apr 26
Mr. Tianqi Wang presented his paper "Grid-enabled Multi-server Network Game Architecture" in the 3rd International Conference on Application and Development of Computer Games (ADCOG 2004) that was held at City University of Hong Kong, HKSAR.
Feb 27 SLIM demonstration at Cyberport
Feb 13 The HK Science & Technology Parks and HKLIA visited the HPC facilities at HKU
Feb 7 The "Enterprise Grid Computing Technology Conference" organized by Oracle, NetApp, GTI and Foundry will be held at JW Marriott Hotel on 23 February 2004.
Jan 12 The HK Supercomputer Directory is released
Jan 12 The system status of the grid point in the Baptist University has been pushed to the HKGrid Ganglia repository; the GT services are also ready (thanks to M. Law)
Dec 17 Job submission between the Computer Centre (CC), HKU and the Department of CSIS, HKU has been tested. CC's MDS information is now available at the HKGrid MDS and Ganglia repositories (thanks to C.M. Woo)
Dec 3 Hong Kong Grid Initiative is opened officially in the banquet of the international conference Cluster 2003 on Dec. 3, 2003. Detailed information is available on Hong Kong Grid Initiative Open Ceremony
Nov 14

The GT services at UST have been setup and ready (thanks to Y.M. Zhu)

Nov 4

The firewall problem at PolyU has been resolved (thanks to W. Wu), job submission through GT was tested. The monitoring tools started to report system status to the root server

Oct 24

The root server for monitoring the HKGrid testbed has been set up. The real-time system status (Ganglia and MDS) is available

Oct 23 Grid gateways have been set up in City University and Polytechnic University. Job submission and system monitoring tools at CityU and HKU have been tested (thanks to M.H. Ko)
Oct 22

The certificate authority (CA) for the HKGrid testbed is available

Oct 22 The HKU-CSIS grid point was participated in a climate simulation demo in the 5th PRAGMA
Oct 21 The mailing lists for the Hong Kong Grid Initiative have been created
Oct 18 A demo of a distributed weather forcasting application has been conducted on the ApGrid testbed during the HKU Jupas Open Day. The demo involved AIST (Japan), Kasetsart University (Thailand), and the HKU-CSIS grid point
Oct 9 The HKGrid web page is available
Sep 15~19 Dr. Francis Lau and Dr. C.L. Wang visited Beijing's and Shanghai's University and Government organizations for exchanging the experience of High Performance Computing (HPC) and also visiting their HPC facilities. PHOTO

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